Over 1000 years ago a powerful continent known as Etmirraland was ruled by a ruthless forgotten king who would bring his entire corner of the world into a fetid shadow. It was said that in the height of his reign – when all other nations has fallen to the tip of sword and sorcery – his wife Issan and only daughter Charndra brutally murdered by an unknown assassin. Wracked by grief and nearly dead (he had survived the attack), the king summoned demons and entities from across the Mystic Planes (now completely fallen out of common and arcane knowledge) to hear his wretched request. Two Flanks and One lay about the kings feet, slain by his own hand. In return for the life of his daughter, the souls of the 21 were bound and collected by a powerful demon(later known as Urrudin) and stolen back to the darkness as payment. It would forever be remembered, even if what remained was quite askew, that to deal with a demon is to willingly set the world on fire.

As one version of the story goes (as is held as the most popular among stories to retell), the daughter was raised to stand again next to her father, but on legs of bone and dark fire. So distraught was the king that he made himself a magical poison that turned him to stone. Various legends speak of the the Shadow King remaining on the island throughout the centuries as an unmovable statue.

Darkness erupted over the land as if from a volcano spewing up from the underworld. It is not certain how many if any original inhabitants of Etmirraland survived but what is known is that from that point on, no one ventured there. Maps ended before its shores, stories excluded its history. The king was removed from records (the primary reason no one is positive of his actual name and is given the name Shadow King) across all lands and was even removed from the permanent marble Bearing Point Monoliths which record every king and or queen that govern the cardinal directions. The very nature of the Bearing Points themselves became obscured by the leading powers of the time in order to prevent the discovery of the shadowed continent (now referred in bedtime stories as a mere island).

Current Scenario Information

For the past year sketchy reports have been coming in that strange beasts of shadow have been seen on the east coast of Escherron (The main continent) along the coastal villages on the NorthEastern Wayfare.The players are on their way to Kalestra along with thousands of other mercenaries and Royal Arms to hear the Statute(A long held tradition of public awareness in times of great peril). All of the Ascended Kingdoms agree in private to elect a Voice of Rule to carry out a message of hope and direction to its wide spread peoples. This elected Voice of Rule in this case is Prince Meterron, ascendant to the throne after King Albeterron Celonious II, who purportedly died unexpectedly in chambers upon being elected, therefore as a lasting ancient law, it was passed to his closest heir. Little did the writers of the ancient law know how deep treachery could run in the sons of kings.

Isle of the Dead

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